24 NZ Postgraduate Scholarships Up for Grabs for Mindanao College Graduates

The government of New Zealand has opened opportunities for college graduates in Mindanao who would like to pursue their postgraduate studies in their country through scholarship grants.

New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines David Strachan on Monday said the government had offered 24 slots to postgraduates who are inclined to study renewable energy, agriculture development, disaster risk management, public service leadership and public sector development.

Strachan said they chose Mindanao as recipient of the scholarship grants to show their potentials in various fields and to show support with the Duterte administration.

He added that Mindanao has been neglected of development due to conflicts in some areas in the past. They plan to encourage potential graduates to serve Mindanaoans after their scholarship grant.

They also encouraged college graduates who belong to indigenous and Moro tribes to avail the grant.

New Zealand advised those who are interested to visit the Facebook page of their embassy,, for more details on the application process.