Rural School’s Taste of Asia

Nukuhou North School is a state funded primary school located in Waimana, a rural town, near Whakatane, in the North Island of New Zealand. With only 70 students, three teachers and a principal, Nukuhou North is a typical, rural, kiwi school. With no international influence or experience in the past, Principal Verboom, welcomed in a visiting group from The Philippines. The group, made up of both Filipino and South Korean students, visited for a morning of cultural interactions.

The small group of students from Berkeley School Baguio shared a range of stories about their home life in South Korea and The Philippines respectively. The objective was simple, to introduce the local students to new languages, culture and food - the students were particular interested in the Filipino delicacy, balut. Following the classroom interactions, the group played a joint game of basketball before trying their hand at rugby, New Zealand’s national sport.

It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience for Nukuhou North School - their first step into internationalisation. They plan to open their school to another visiting group in 2018!